Having lived a hectic life in New York City for many years as a fashion stylist, Anouk’s career boasts such editorial credits as the prestigious French Vogue and the New York Times “T” magazine as well as countless others. She has also worked with multitudes of celebrities including the artist Beyoncé and the reality television personality Kim Kardashian.

Born to French and Austrian parents in the USA, she has traveled the globe extensively, setting the groundwork for her upcoming life in Morocco and her passion project, to own a villa.. 

Feeling a disconnect with her life in New York City, Anouk one day set off to Morocco on a one way ticket in search of authenticity and armed with the dream of buying a villa in Essaouira. She had never been to Morocco before and didn’t know a single soul there. The adventure turned out to be filled with many pleasant surprises as well as countless tough challenges. 

Having never looked back, several years later, she is now happily living full time in Essaouira in Morocco with her  baby daughter and has since a long time now lived in her Villa Anouk – a Sanctuary in Essaouira.


Anouk Beguery



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